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I had the pleasure to work with Kalthoum not once, but on two different homes i lived in two different countries. I got to see her work online and fell in over with her style. She first helped me decorate a small apartment in Dubai which we planned as a surprise for my husband. It was crazy planning but she took a bare and plain living room and injected so much warmth and colors in the matter of 8 hours.

Fast forward another year, I moved to a new villa (in another country) and Kalthoum came to the rescue. She came in right after i moved and in 6 days helped me buy furniture, decorate and style my new home in preparation for a new baby to arrive. She took a bare empty villa and made it into a lovely home. I have been in my home for 2 years now and I see her in all the work she has done. She didn’t leave just a beautiful home but lovely memories with every item she place.

I can’t wait to work with her again.

J ai fait appel aux services de Kalthoum dans une partie de ma vie ou j avais profondément envie de changement dans mon intérieur mais je n avais pas le temps et l énergie de le faire due à mon activité professionnelle et qui me prenait tout mon temps . Après mon premier échange avec Kalthoum j ai tout de suite compris que c était la personne qu il me fallait et j ai ressentie directement que je pourrai lui faire confiance et qu elle avait complètement compris mes attentes. Notre premier projet fut la renovation de ma chambre à couché et la chambre des invités, et la suite à toute suite suivie tellement j étais très contente des résultats, les chambres des enfants , rénovation complète de la cuisine ainsi que du salon et salle à manger. Kalthoum a apporté à mon intérieur exactement ce que je cherchais une note de sophistication à certain endroit , bobo chic à d autres et sa touche personnelle de couleur bien sur . En conclusion je suis super satisfaite d avoir eu à faire à ces services et d avoir pu l aider à avoir une meilleure visibilité sur le marché Emiratis grace au travail accomplis chez moi.

Me and my family built a classic style house 6 years ago, and although we had help designing, we were stuck with neutral colours that did not reflect our personality and became very boring with time!

I was a bit hesitant at first to contact kalthoum after seeing her work. Although all the vibrant colours and quirky style reflected our personality, i was afraid they might not suit our classical home and i couldn’t imagine it.

I am so happy with the results and amazed at how she was able to mix two very different styles in a very unique space that is so cozy, colorful, and still maintained the classic feel! I can finally say that i feel at home. She is very easy to work with, very energetic and involved, i did not have to step a foot outside the house! She has a magical way of decorating and has a special touch to the smallest details. Now i cant wait to do the rest of my house with her!

A home should be a reflection of your character, your experiences and history. When I approached Kalthoum to do my beach home in RAK, I wanted to inject a fun, colorful vibe into the house. I wanted the house to reflect the relaxed atmospher and laid back feeling of a weekend home away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. It was the best decision ever to have Kalthoum do the house, her unique, cheerful, vibrant designs added freshness and a modern twist to our home, and that Moroccan touch which i love so much! Not only is Kalthoum a great designer, she is the sweerest person and she has become a wonderful friend as well. I would definitely recommend Kalthoum if you’re looking for a designer that can transform your house into a unique space that oozes character and is so chic!

I really enjoyed the process of having kalthoum as my interior stylists, she meticulously brought the rooms into joyful, meaningful living spaces by adding her personal magical touch and her love for colorful living. Whilst she heard me out about my personal style and the pieces I wanted to buy, she did push me out of comfort zone and led me to try something new. She was always super available throughout the project. She did an amazing job until the last final touches, even printing our family photos and filling the vases with plants and flowers.

Beside all the fantastic work she has done for me I am really happy that I got to know her, as an amazing, talented person that she is.