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A mix of old and contemporary furnishing creates a harmonious whole in this penthouse flat in London.

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Who lives here

A French-Spanish couple in their late thirties


Lancaster gate, close to Hyde Park


130 square meters / 1390 square feet


When the couple bought this two-bedroom penthouse duplex in 2008, the place had already been well re-designed and modernized with high standards by the former owners, including an unusually large open space (living, dining, and kitchen) for a central London property.

To increase the luminosity given the lack of high ceilings (top floor), the dark chocolate tiled floor was replaced by light beige polished marble tiles (Botticino by Lapicida) and the walls were repainted using a brighter shade. They then concentrated on furnishing and decorating their apartment, focusing on fewer but large items to keep the sense of space and to create harmonious volumes.

Although this couple works in finance and has no academic background in design, they have an exceptional talent for art, color and fabrics. Alejandro had inherited a few antique pieces of furniture from his family that he wanted to mix with some more modern items. Julie loves beautiful rugs, unique fabrics and antiques and she purchased a few amazing designer pieces that make real statements in their space. The trunk that separates the dining area from the living space is a 17th century Chinese antique and all the rugs have been sourced from the Rug Company (designs by Diane Von Furstenberg, Designers Guild and Emily Todhunter). Well, enjoy the tour!

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