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How to inject some Christmas cheer to your home!

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It’s already December! Time is flying and Christmas is right around the corner so it’s high time you get your house merry and festive for the season! My kids love singing the Christmas carols they learn at school and they are on top of the world especially since we decorated the Christmas tree! They can feel Santa Claus is on his way!

What I love about Dubai is that it’s so cosmopolitan than we celebrate all the holidays (Diwali, Eid, Easter) no matter where you come from or what religion you follow. We don’t celebrate Christmas religiously but to us it’s a season that generates giving, love and happiness so why not be part of all this fun!

Yallah, let’s get that holiday mood in your home by injecting some festive accents throughout your house! It will make us forget that it’s sunny and warm outside and that it will never snow in Dubai even in our dreams!
I hope my pictures inspire you…

Let’s start by getting a Christmas tree, of course! Fake or real, you decide.

Ok red, white and green is the typical Christmas palette but I like to go for colors on my tree: it makes a good visual connection with the rest of my dining room. You can add some nicely wrapped (fake) gifts at the bottom of the tree. You can replace them with the real ones on Christmas Eve! Always do so with the kids and show them that the boxes are empty, they’ll understand it’s pure decor!



If you’re hosting family or friends, give your dinner table a holiday spirit by using some Christmas themed accessories. We don’t have fireplaces here in Dubai, so instead of hanging a garland on the mantelpiece, use the garland as a table runner. Here, I went for the classic red and white!



Display edible decorations.
I put a mix of clementines and chocolates in a fir-tree-shaped dish, I hung a few sugar canes on my bookshelf and I decorated the Christmas tree with some chocolate ornaments. All for us to eat!



No need to buy a table centerpiece, make one yourself!
Here I used a gold tray on which I put 3 candles of different heights together with colorful ornaments. Et voilà



Add a few Christmas decoration here and there in your house. For example, I added a little Santa on my tray in the dining-room, I hung Father Christmas on my small shelf in the living-room, I used a reindeer as a bookend, and I added two pine trees on the coffee table with a gold candle holder (see more ideas on the pictures below).



Display nice holiday greetings cards. Don’t wait until you receive them to display them, you can use the ones from last year.



Stickers are easy to put on, and also easy to remove.
I used them to write seasonal words on my planters and I have to say it makes them look more festive! By the way, Noël means Christmas in French 😉 Don’t forget to get some Poinsettias, these plants are synonymous with the winter season and they bring a bright splash of red to your interior!



Revamp your kids’ bedroom by adding a few holiday items.
In Adam’s bedroom, I replaced his bedside table’s lampshade by a Christmas hat! And in Gabriel’s bedroom, I hung a Santa advent calendar on his wall.



You can add a tiny Christmas tree somewhere in your home.
In my house, I chose the playroom with cute Santa Claus string lights.

Hang your Christmas socks! The kids replaced their artwork with my socks in the playroom. They find it very funny 😉



Last but not least, there are all kinds of accessories to make your Christmas celebration more fun! Photo booth props or headbands are perfect for selfies and group photos! How cute are these?



Let me now wish you a wonderful holiday season! May your home be filled with love, peace and joy and may these blessings follow you through the new year!


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