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Diy Marble Tray

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I’ve always thought that marble brings timeless elegance to one’s decor. It’s considered as a symbol of luxury and you can actually find all kinds of marble accessories on the market these past few years: clocks, vases, lamps, coasters, trays… which will cost you much less than covering your entire floor with marble tiles! Yes, this polish stone is beautiful but quite costly.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a marble tray in one easy step! Yes, only one! It will take you a few seconds to do it. Believe me and just have a look at the following tutorial.

All you need is;
. a marble board
. two drawer pulls
. super glue
… all to be found in Ace Hardware



Glue the two drawers pulls on each side of the marble board. You can wipe the excess glue with a cotton bud. Et voilà! You can now display your blooms, candles, soap or whatever pretty things you want to showcase on that special marble tray of yours that you have created with all your strength and patience, well kind of 😉



Note that you shouldn’t hold the tray by the handles that are purely decorative. Marble is heavy so do not hold me responsible if it falls on your feet, I will have warned you!!!

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