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Diy Animal Jars

You won’t throw your food jars anymore after you have checked out this easy DIY…
What you need:
1. Three jars, preferably of different shapes and sizes
2. Three plastic animals or dinosaurs (I’m sure you can find that in your kids’ toys;-)
3. Spray paint
4. Super glue

Step 1

Glue the animal to the lid using the super glue and allow it to dry

Step 2

Spray paint the animals and the lids

Step 3

Screw back the lids onto the jars and fill in the jars!

Here is another more colorful version with dinosaurs that I made for my 2 boys.

1 Comment
  • Ryad
    January 7, 2018

    I did it with my 2 children last weekend! Indeed very easy! Waiting for the next DIY 😉

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