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Before & After: a bedroom with no soul gets a stylish black and white makeover

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My friend Amelie always loved my home décor ideas. She believes she does not have an eye for arranging decorative objects, matching colors or buying the right pieces of furniture. I discovered her statements to be somewhat true when one day I discovered her bedroom, a room with no soul.

It used to be her 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom and it had almost no décor. The walls were white and blush pink, windows were covered with white blinds, and a big white childish looking dresser stood next to her open closet. All she had done was put her bed there, as there were no side tables, no mirror and it looked like no time was taken to turn it into a comfortable bedroom.

When it comes to Amelie and Mika, they are the happiest, most friendly and lively couple I know. They always look at the bright side of life. They wanted a bedroom with a boutique hotel feel and an accent wall. I told them I imagined it black and white with a touch of mustard yellow. But both of them did not like black and wanted something light. I tried to come up with other options but Amelie asked me to show her what I had in mind. When she saw the stickers for the bed wall, the wall lights and the side tables ideas, she replied “J’adore” !!! (I love it).

It took us a few weeks to have the room repainted white and to buy all the new furniture and home decor accessories. It such a wonderful experience to shop for home items in Paris: the city is full of petites boutiques and designer stores.

I asked Amelie, Mika and their three children to leave their apartment for the day and give me time to arrange everything. The room was turned into a stylish room full of light! Touches of black here and there made the room look brighter and caused the white to stand out even more! And of course, they absolutely loved it. 😉

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  • Sarah
    January 7, 2018

    This is stunning! I love the stickers and the side tables! Bravo!

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