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A guest bedroom with a botanical vibe

“My parents are coming in 10 days!” Here are the words that Sophia uttered in panic last November. I did understand her concern when I saw the guest bedroom: so dark, actually, everything was dark except the beige walls and the natural light. The bedroom had no decor at all, only one bed, two side tables, a dresser and a wardrobe all in dark wood! And on top of all that wood: a wooden floor! Ok wood adds warmth and character to a room but that was too much wood for my sight!
Revamping it by herself seemed overwhelming for Sophia given her busy life as a banker and a mother. So here I am with a 2000 dirham budget to bring some life and positive vibes to this rustic looking boring bedroom!
The great thing about this project was that I had carte blanche! I was free to style it the way I wanted. Well almost, I only had to keep in mind three things: “they like books, plants and the color green”.
I first focused on dressing up the bare walls: 3 rattan mirrors from Maisons du Monde above the dresser, a coat rack and a frame in the entrance, and a mix of books and art (from Tamer Khalifa, my favorite designer in Dubai!) on the wall in front of the bed. I used invisible bookshelves to give the stack of books the impression they are floating on the wall.
Then I chose three beige cotton rugs from H&M home to give texture to the floor: one at the foot of the bed and two running along both sides. They made the bedroom look so much cozier and how nice for the feet to land on!
I added a few accent pillows and a throw on the bed to add some color, and also a big woven basket next to the dresser in which they can be stored at bedtime.
Two gold bedside table lamps from ID Design, a few decorative objects on the dresser and there it is! Well almost… I forgot one point: they like plants! I need to inject some lushness into this room!
Where do I add them though? How about making a big visual impact and hanging live plants above the bed on a long-running shelf? Yes, I love the idea, I just hope Sophia and her parents like it too!
Sophia couldn’t believe her eyes and wanted to switch bedrooms! As for her parents, they found it very comfortable and loved all the details. Mission accomplished.
Well, I’ll let you have a look at the pictures now! What do you think? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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  • Wissam
    January 7, 2018

    What an amazing change! Well done, I love it!

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