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Marhaba, welcome to Bayt Kalthoum, which means Kalthoum’s house. I also call it my blog. To a certain extent, this is my home, as well. This blog represents a collection of my thoughts and ideas on matters of the home, including interior design, home décor, cooking, and more. I trust this collection finds you well. It is one of my great joys to share my passions with others who feel the same way. I hope these pieces inspire you!


A bit about me: I am a happy wife and mother to two wild, brilliant boys, Adam and Gabriel. In August 2016, we moved from Paris to Dubai. It has been an extraordinary adventure for all of us. In particular, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to explore the furniture and home décor shops that can be found throughout Dubai. Decorating the new place has proven to be a remarkable, constantly surprising series of adventures and challenges. Choosing what to hang on the walls or what to display on my shelves is part of the fascinating process of transforming a house into a home. Having a beautiful home means so much to me. Home is where we wake up, where we look forward to coming back and where we end our day. Home is where we gather our family and friends, celebrate birthdays, see our children grow up but a home also serves as a refuge when we feel down.


Even from a young age, home décor always attracted me (I don’t know how I ended up being an English teacher!). I feel blessed to have had my childhood shaped by two cultural backgrounds. My parents are from Morocco, and I was born and raised in France. I feel as though I was influenced by the best of both worlds, from the beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship, to the unique details that define French homes.I love the concept of using your history, your interests, and your influences to turn a space into something that is truly your own.


Inspiration comes from so many different places. I have been lucky enough to live in such countries as the United States, England, China and Switzerland. I feel these different horizons coupled with my travels bring me endless inspiration.


My blog will tell you the story of where I’ve been, what I love and who I am. Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoy our time together!

About my house


Our arrival in Dubai

When we arrived in Dubai in August 2016, we stayed a few weeks at the Address in the Marina before we moved to our new house. So our first impressions were WOW we’re surrounded by a beautiful blue sky, water, and these humongous skyscrapers. That’s pretty much what I had in mind about the city and I thought that life over here was going to be sweet! I consider myself a city person but no tall buildings in my village feel neighborhood that I had left in Paris.


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